50-Year members of The Florida Bar 1953-2003.


Congratulations to The Florida Bar's 50-year Members -- Class of 1953! Of the 139 lawyers marking their 50th year as a Florida Bar member, 90 of you have chosen to celebrate the occasion and, in your own words, share your stories with us in the following pages.

Among you are former judges, legislators, law professors, and Florida Bar leaders. Also prominent in your numbers are veterans of World War II and the Korean War, as well as founders of prominent law firms.

The entire membership of The Florida Bar celebrates your service to-the profession, service to the community, and service to individuals by protecting their rights. We collectively thank each of you!


Family: Spouse - Betty Jo Abbott (BJ); children - Katherine Hayes, Abigail Shear, and Brenda Robertson.

Career/Life Highlights: After two years of U.S. Air Force duty as a judge advocate, I went to work for Maguire, Voorhis & Wells in Orlando, and remained there until we merged into Holland & Knight in 1998. I was a trial lawyer primarily defending physician and hospital malpractice cases, until 1995. Since then, I have been a circuit court mediator and have been involved in loss prevention and conflict resolution activities for the law firms. One wife, three daughters and seven grandchildren along the way and all are a part of a wonderful life. I was fortunate to come along in an era when young lawyers were able to try cases, grow with rapidly expanding law firms, and have time for family, community efforts, and fun. I have truly been blessed.

JACK E. ACKERMAN, West Palm Beach.

Family: Spouse - Barbara; Children, daughter, Lori and son, Scott.

Career/Life Highlights: First winner of Palm Beach County's Professional Award; former municipal judge of West Palm Beach; certified family mediator; many Florida Bar committees, including the rules committee; former member of The Florida Bar Family Law Section Board of Directors; former chairperson of Palm Beach County Bar Association's Circuit Court Civil Advisory Committee; board of directors of many banks, clubs, and organizations. Recognized as "Outstanding Member" of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers; U. S. Navy (WWII); and author, editor, and lecturer for The Florida Bar continuing legal education department.

BJARNE B. ANDERSEN, JR., Tallahassee.

Family: Spouse - Gloria Jones Andersen, married 52 years; children - Bjarne B. Andersen III (Tripp); Trellis A. Mansfield, Trina E. Lawrence, and Tracy E. Merritt; grandchildren - four grandsons and three granddaughters.

Career/Life Highlights: Born in Chicago, IL., July 3, 1928; attended Chicago Branch of the University of Illinois, 1946. Transferred to Stetson University in 1948 and earned my BSIBA, my LL.B, and a commission in the U.S. Army Reserve in 1953, with admission to the Bar on June 8, 1953. From 1953-55: Military Police Operation, Third Army POW investigator, and defense counsel in the Staff Judge Advocate's Office, Special Troop Command, the Infantry Center, Fort Benning, GA. 1955-59: General practice in Daytona Beach, Volusia and Flagler counties; two-year attorney for South Peninsula Zoning Board. 1959-68: Initial resident attorney and chief trial council of the State Board of Health, providing legal services to state health officer, agency program directors, and 67 county health units. 1968-74: Florida assistant attorney general upon the initially staffed Pollution Control Enforcement Unit of the Attorney General's Office. Subsequently assigned to the. administrative law and the opinion sections involving opin ion requests, prosecuted agency enforcement cases, and served as an independent hearing officer that included hearings under the Social Security "Certificate of appeals for hospital and medical facility construction. 1974-91: An initial attorney on the staff of the Florida Legislature's Joint Administrative Procedures Committee, conducting agency rule reviews on departments of education ("K" through graduate school), banking and finance, revenue, and transportation. 1993-96: Associate university attorney, Florida State University, conducting rule reviews and rule hearings. Former vice-chair of The Florida Bar's Administrative Law Committee; and charter member of its Government Lawyers Section. Charter member and former president of the Florida Government Bar. In 1991, awarded the Government Bar's "J. Ernest Webb Memorial Award," for ensuring the reputation of the government attorney.

Retired from the U.S. Army on July 3, 1988, with the rank of colonel and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, in addition to the National Defense Service Medal, and the Army Armed Forces Reserve and Reserve Components Achievement medals.


Family: Spouse - Catherine Jean, married October 1, 1972; children - Christina and Marc Anthony Battaglia; children by previous spouse - Virginia Battaglia, Anthony Sylvester, Jr., Sandra, Brian, and Brenda Lee; son to Sylvester Anthony and Helen Battaglia.

Career/Life Highlights: I served as president of the St. Petersburg Bar Association; president of the U.S. Attorneys Association of the Middle District of Florida; chair of the Federal District Courthouse for St. Petersburg; chair of the Judicial Nominating Committee of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, 1987-90.

I was founder of the law firm of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & Wein, P.A., in 1958 and with more than 48 years of litigation experience. Today, the firm is one of the oldest in West Central Florida.

My litigation practice has been exceptionally diverse, including the representation of major corporations and institutions in both the federal and state court systems, resulting in me being asked on numerous occasions to chair special committees and lend my expertise and support to local, state and national projects.

I graduated from the University of Florida law school in 1953, and received my J.D. and LL.B. degrees. I was elected to the University of Florida Hall of Fame. Since that time, I have dedicated my life to the practice of law and the representation of citizens and corporations throughout the State of Florida.

I served as chief assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida from 1953-56, and was a member of the Republican National Committee for Florida, from 1956-64. As a member of The Florida Bar Board of Governors, I strongly endorsed raising the standards of professionalism and conduct among the members of The Florida Bar.

Approximately 90 percent of my practice is in the area of civil litigation, corporate or real estate. However, much of my reputation as one of the best lawyers in America has been formulated due to the success that I have enjoyed in high visibility criminal cases. My expertise in bank fraud cases is documented by the numerous acquittals I have won for my clients. Since 1995, I have been listed in Best Lawyers in America by Woodward and White Publications.


Family: Spouse - Helena S.; children - sons, Michael S., Richard H., Jonathan E., David A.

Career/Life Highlights: Florida Bar, 1953; Massachusetts Bar, 1956; I am now semiretired. I maintained an office in general practice in Boston, since 1956. I did real estate work in the Boston area, as well. I am past president of the local bar association. My two youngest sons are members of both the Massachusetts and Florida bars. I am a lifetime golfer and golf club member, and have been active in the YMCA.

EDWARD M. BOOTH, Jacksonville.

Family: Spouse - Bonnie D. Booth; children - Edward M. Booth, Jr., and Sharon B. Middleton.

Career/Life Highlights: Lifetime - Jacksonville. Following service in the U.S. Army, I entered the University of Florida, 1948. I received my BS/BA in 1951, followed by my J.D. in 1953.1 was president of Florida Blue Key my senior year. Following graduation, was a prosecutor for several years. I was elected as solicitor for Criminal Courts of Record, Jacksonville, 1961. In private practice, I was a partner with Arnold, Stratford & Booth, 1972-86. I became senior partner with Booth & Arnold, 1986-present. Trial of major civil and criminal cases in state and federal trial and appellate courts. Since 1975, I'm honored to be a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and fellow of the International Society of Barristers. My practice has been limited to representation and trial of civil and criminal cases in state and federal trial and appellate courts.

LAWRENCE W. BORNS, Daytona Beach.

Family: Spouse - Ruby Lee, deceased, 1970; Sybil H., married March 1, 1974; children - Steven L. Borns, Patricia Lee Borns, Leslie Jo Borns, Laurie Lee Sullivan, Stephen Scott Stamper, Stewart Carl Stamper, Stacia Anne Miller; Samuel Todd Stamper

Career/Life Highlights: Educated: University of Illinois, undergraduate; Chicago Kent College of Law and graduated from Stetson University College of Law. Practiced in Daytona Beach from beginning to end. I have been a sole practitioner practically all that time. Served on the board of the Daytona Beach Symphony Society for many years, the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences, president of the Daytona Beach Little Theater, and I am active with the International Musical Festival.


Family: Spouse - Vivian Brinson; Children - son, Haynes Brinson.

Career/Life Highlights: Graduated Osceola High School in 1943. Entered U.S. Army Air Corps in July1943 and received my pilot wings at Lukefield, AZ in October 1944. Remained in the U.S. Air Force Reserves until 1975. Retired as full colonel. Graduated from Rollins College in 1949 and Emory Law School in 1952. Practiced in Kissimmee, where I was city attorney for 21 years. I was the drafter' of the charter for the Kissimmee Utility Authority and served as their general counsel for 17 years. I practiced municipal, utility and criminal law. I believe the fact that my son, Haynes, will graduate from Stetson Law School this year is unique.


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