Comments requested on senior judges seeking service renewal.


The following senior judges' current service will expire on September 30, and they are seeking service renewal.

Any persons having knowledge bearing upon the fitness or qualifications of any of the senior judges on this list to continue service as a senior judge should send, on or before April 15, written comments to Thomas D. Hall, Clerk, Florida Supreme Court, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399, or by email at, or by telephone to the chair of the appropriate review board as noted.

Review Board One (Judge Robert T. Benton II, chair, (850) 487-1000): Frank L. Bell, Aaron K. Bowden, A. Keith Brace, Frederic A. Buttner, Russell A. Cole, Jr., Dedee S. Costello, Aymer L. Curtin, Thomas R. Ellinor, Erwin Fleet, William L. Gary, James L. Harrison, Harlow H. Land, Jr., Charles O. Mitchell, Jr., Bernard Nachman, Stewart E. Parsons, Elzie S. Sanders, Peter K. Sieg, Don T. Sirmons, William R. Slaughter II, Joseph E. Smith, L. Ralph Smith, Jr., A. C. Soud, Jr., John D. Southwood, William P. White, Jr., William A. Wilkes, Robert E. Williams, and Frederick L. Koberlein.

Review Board Two (Judge Nelly N. Khouzam, chair, (813) 272-3430): Horace A. Andrews, Henry J. Andringa, William Douglas Baird, Robert E. Beach, Robert B. Bennett, Jr., Judy Pittman Biebel, Charles Lee Brown, Wayne L. Cobb, Robert P. Cole, Stephen L. Dakan, Nancy K. Donnellan, Donald C. Evans, Crockett Farnell, Judith J. Flanders, Barbara C. Fleischer, Marion L. Fleming, Thomas M. Gallen, Frank A. Gomez, Oliver L. Green, Ernest McClain Jones, Jr., Anne H. Kaylor, John C. Lenderman, Perry A. Little, Emanuel LoGalbo, Jr., Dennis P. Maloney, Daniel R. Monaco, Cecelia M. Moore, J. Rogers Padgett, Raul C. Palomino, Jr., Donald E. Pellecchia, Harry M. Rapkin, Thomas S. Reese, Jack R. Schoonover, Radford...

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